1971 Ford Mustang T5 Mach 1 Fastback Coupe – The Only One To Exist

Posted on May 24, 2013 – 00:00

1971-Ford-Mustang-T5-Mach-1-Fastback-Coupe 1971 Ford Mustang T5 Mach 1 Fastback Coupe is one of the “Most rare Mustangs in the world”. This 1971 Ford T-5 Mach 1 is one of two ever delivered to Germany from the US. Because of the German copyright protection, Ford opted to call the model a T-5 (from their initial prototype and development project for the Mustang).

In 1971, there were 277 T-5 Fastbacks sent to Germany. Only two were Mach 1’s. One of these cars is believed to be in Europe, however the condition is unknown, or where it is housed. The only other 1971 Fastback T-5 Mach 1 is at CTR Motors. This T-5 is perfectly restored and has a tremendous amount of original documentation.

For those not familiar with this rare classic, here’s the story of the T-5 on Muscle Cars World. Click on Read more to learn it! Because of the large number of military personnel overseas, Ford, like most other manufacturers, exported vehicles for purchase through the military PX system. They encountered a problem with the Mustang. HDK, an European manufacturer of large trucks, had the copyright to the name Mustang for use in Germany. Therefore, before any Mustangs could be exported to Germany, the name had to be changed. Since T5 was the project name of the original Mustang prototype, the Mustangs for export to Germany were renamed T5. New fender emblems were added, and any reference to Mustang on the vehicle was removed. In 1971, 277 T5 Fastbacks were exported to Germany. However, only two were Mach 1′s. It is believed one of the two was destroyed long ago in europe.

This is the only 1971 T-5 Mach 1 believed to exist! Not only a rare one of one, but also fully restored. Complete, meticulous, body off frame, mechanical and cosmetic restoration. Complete, bullet proof documentation, including original build sheet, export and import documents, window sticker, full registry information, and restoration photos.

Lazer straight body has been painstakingly refinished in original factory bright blue metallic. Silver Mach 1 stripes and accents. Mach 1 Ram air hood. Rear deck spoiler. Color keyed racing mirrors. Magnum wheels with Goodyear Eagle GT 2 radial tires. All chrome and stainless has been repolished, restored, or replaced. Glass is like new. This car looks like the day it rolled off the assembly line.

351 cu. in.- 285 hp, 4 barrel engine. C-6 automatic transmission. 3.00:1 traction lok differential. Competition export handling suspension. This is a nut and bolt rotisserie restoration. Every component of the undercarriage has been removed and restored. Floor pans are finished in body color. Frame and suspension are correctly refinished in 30* black, cast, and natural finish. Virtually every component of the drivetrain and undercarriage has been rebuilt to correct factory specifications, with the exception of a new full Flowmaster exhaust. Power steering. Power disc brakes.

Pristine black Mach 1 sport interior. Bucket seats. Floor console. Factory sport wheel. Tach and gauges. Metric speedometer and odometer. Factory am radio. Everything works, down to the courtesy lights and clock!

This is a one of one model. A concourse restoration. Full documentation. It absolutely does not get any better than this.

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