1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 – 2012 Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson Auction

Posted on September 5, 2012 – 00:00
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The Mustang Boss 429 is one of the most desirable Mustangs left in existence and it's always a real treat to see one come across the auction block. With only 1359 examples built in their production run from 1969-1970, these high-horsepower pony cars are not always easy to track down and have been fetching some serious coin over the last few years.

By the end of the 1960s Ford was on a mission to bring something competitive to the NASCAR Grand National series, and the 429 was their entry ticket. Built with hemispherical combustion chambers, aluminum heads, and a forged crankshaft this high revving V-8 was only rated (on paper) at 375 bhp, however dyno-testing over the years has proven it capable of well in excess of 500 bhp. This monster engine took up some serious real estate in the engine bay, so much so that Ford was forced to contract Kar Kraft to completely redesign the front suspension architecture to make it fit.

Sadly the Boss 429 wasn't a big hit when it made it into showrooms. Appearing at the peak of the drag racing craze, everyone expected it to be a straight-line killer, but the 429 loved to rev, making it less of a performer from a standing start. You could say that it was a bit ahead of its time, sporting improved suspension geometry and a wider front track.

Looking at recent sales of 429s, they are still on a hot streak, pulling anywhere from $150, 000 to over $200, 000 at auction. There was a bit of an oddity back in 2007 where a pair of Boss 429s went for $605, 000 and $489, 500, but by all accounts from serious collectors that was a fluke that no one seems capable of explaining. This model comes in an interestingly loud Grabber Orange finish, and should be quick to grab attention from bidders when it rolls onto the block in Las Vegas.

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Power stuffs

2006-02-27 20:00:04 by dcg9381

The only places that do this are going to be places that install auto alarms and *maybe* general car electronic repairs.
You'll need to buy a car alarm (most likely, not very expensive). For existing power accessories, you'll need two relays per door for locks... And another another 2 relays per window..
You might try crutchfield, as they used to have systems that would "plug in" wi...cks, it took me about 4-5 hours. I did not do the windows. All connections were soldered. The hard part is running all those wires through existing door jam rubbers & removing seats, carpet, & trim.
The install requires an above average mastery of 12V electronics and you'll need to be familiar with relays.
If you could get it done for $200 in labor, you'd be doing well, I'd think...

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